Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

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Mapping lash designs isn’t “one size fits all.”
Understanding lash extensions curls, thickness, length, and how each function can elevate your artistry. One of the best things about lash extensions is the ability to customize to enhance the best facial feature of your clients. We can assure you, the more customized you can be, the more services will be in demand.

Why Train with Us?

     Our Foundation and Fundamentals course will help you understand lash theory before jumping into hands-on training. In our online course, we focus on lash theory, the foundation and fundamentals of lashing, troubleshooting, and how to retain a clientele. We recommend learning everything at your own pace, so that you are prepared to apply your knowledge in-person.

Why Take an Online Course?

     Learning at your own pace with an online course can help you retain information about lash knowledge better. Learning about the basics in a 1-2 day in-person class can be overwhelming because you have to learn a large amount of information in a short amount of time. This can cause you to skip many steps in your lashing career.

When Can I Do Hands-on?

After learning all of the foundation and fundamentals in our online course, you will understand how things work and what to do when you train in-person. We will be able to focus more of hands-on, and not waste time on basic theory that is already taught online. 

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