Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

Jovi Lash Team

Kim Nguyen


     My name is Kim Nguyen, a full-time lash artist and owner of Jovi Lash Extensions. I have been in the beauty world for 20+ years. I have to say, lashing is the hardest craft to master that I’ve come across. I was a manicurist and had a successful career, but I had to give up my job due to my health (I miss all my nail clients). So, I had to no choice but to find another path. I decided to become a lash artist and took on a blinded path in 2003 when lashing was not popular. I’ve made many mistakes, spent so much wasted money, and messed up on many applications. I wanted to give up many times. I would practice hard everyday, but my skills were not there. I didn’t realize I was practicing bad habits and did not know how to fix them. To master my craft, I started investing in training, traveled, joined seminars, lash wars, lash shows, and all the beauty shows to further my knowledge. Education doesn’t stop and beauty trends will always change. Now, I’ve came up with my own platform to help the lash beauties out there to bypass all the troubleshooting and errors. Be that unique artist that will outshine our saturated world. What are your goals for this year? My goal is to travel and take a master pro lash class. I want to become a MASTER LASH ARTIST. Don’t give up on your journey.

Aracelly Walden

Lash Artist & Wax Specialist

     Aracelly Walden, also known as LiveLifeLashed, is a lash artist that is dedicated to learning everything about lashes and most importantly the art of lash artistry. The type of lash training Aracelly received allows her to view lashing as a true art form. The process of lashing is very delicate and precise, each lash extension is placed on the natural lash to create a look that both compliments and accentuates the client’s features. Therefore, Aracelly made a commitment to herself which was to practice multiple hours a day, every day for months before taking on her first client. After Aracelly’s first client, she saw the impact she had on those clients’ confidence of feeling beautiful. Which in turn gave her the motivation and confidence to become the best Lash Artist over time. 
Consequently, before Aracelly started her journey in the beauty and fashion industry, she worked in mortgage banking for 10 years. Aracelly experienced only high stress and little rewards given for hard work while working her 9 to 5 job in the mortgage banking industry. This led Aracelly to make the transition to being a stay-at-home mom, who homeschooled her three young sons. As her sons were getting older and more independent, she decided to start her own online clothing boutique which she successfully ran for about 2 ½ years before entering the beauty industry. In fact, by owning her own clothing boutique she learned the quality of not just fashion but the importance of building genuine long-lasting relationships with people. Moreover, after gaining this experience Aracelly spent over a year observing her current mentor and friend for over 19 years, Kim Nguyen as she artfully lashed clients. Aracelly’s goal is to not only provide a quality service but to make every client feel welcomed before their service begins. Aracelly’s bright and jovial personality is what makes new and current clients return for her services. These are only a few qualities that make Aracelly stand out amongst other lash artists which in turn is helping her create art and continuing to strive to become one of the best artists just like her mentor. In addition, becoming a lash artist is more than just a career for Aracelly, it has become her passion.

“I am reinventing myself at 40 years young, and excited to see where this journey takes me and my loving family.”

Mayela Montanez-Agasang

Lash Artist

     My name is Maye Agasang. I’m a wife, a mom of three, and an entrepreneur. I’ve had my cosmetology licensed since 2011 but didn’t find my space in the beauty industry until 2018. I came across an advertisement for a lash course and knew this was my niche. Upon completion of my first lash course I started working out of my home studio. I’ve always had the mindset that growth never stops. I went on to take additional lash courses to expand my knowledge, skills, and learn different techniques. Fast forward three years, I’ve outgrown my home studio and am now part of the Jovi Lash team.

I‘ve gained most of my knowledge through my Jovi Lash training and working alongside the Jovi Lash Team. Kim is an expert in her field as she has experienced the evolution of the lash industry since it’s early stages. Working side-by-side with my lash sisters, Aracelly and Kim, is amazing! We motivate each other and share a passion for continuous learning to perfect our craft as lash artists.

I truly believe lashing is my calling. I strive to provide my clients with lash extensions that enhance their natural beauty. Seeing my clients eyes light up when they see their lashes for the first time is one of the highlights of my job.

     “A woman is strong and capable of overcoming many hurdles. But to have a group of women working together as a team, it creates a power team of strength and support. Our number one team goal is to build a solid foundation that we can all stand on in order for us to reach our individual goals. As a team as well as individuals, we understand that we need to help, build, and believe in each other to grow as a single unit. We are always walking the path of success beside each other, never in front or behind.”
       – Aracelly Walden/Livelifelashed

Here's to strong
May we know
May we be them.
May we raise

“Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.”
       – Jovi Lash Team

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