Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019


Here are some basic tips and information on how to jump-start your lash career.

The Jovi Lash Team uses high quality products that mimics real lashes. We train you step-by-step so you will not be overwhelmed with lashing. We don't just put lashes over lashes, our training also includes the foundation of lashing. We are excited to put it in your hands. 

Kim Nguyen is the educator/trainer for Jovi Lash Artistry. She has a team to show off her platform. She was able to train, mentor, and guide two lash artists from two different paths. The team consists of the educator, the new lash artist, and the retrained lash artist. This platform was created for new students to feel comfortable and being able to relate to any of the three Jovi Lash artists.

Jovi Lash Extensions was launched in 2019. It took us a few years to launch because we hand-picked and hand-tested our products in order to provide highest quality.

A certificate is a document containing a certified statement especially as to the truth of something specifically; a document certifying that one has fulfilled the requirements of and may practice in a field.


To work in a salon, you will need a beauty license (cosmetology or esthetician license). Check with your local beauty school.

Jovi Lash Extensions offers a certificate to further your knowledge after beauty school. We offer advanced training to be unique and stand out in our saturated industry.

This is the most affordable insurance for lash artists. Liability only, which means it will cover for clients' bodily claims. Property insurances, business insurance, and home owner's insurance are separate.

Insurance tip: Business and homeowner's property insurance does not cover lash extensions.

Here is a link for beauty insurance.

Click Here to link to Insurance

Lash language is created by the Jovi Lash Team to train, understand, and also work from a distance.

The Jovi Lash Team are all solo lash artists that work independently in different locations. Due to this, we've created our own lash language that is able to picture our work in order to troubleshoot, dissect, and help each other from a distance. Sometimes, we need a second opinion. With the lash language we've created, it makes our imagination easier to create our lash artistry.

Barbicide is mixed with water. Do not soak your tools for more than 10 minutes. Water will rust and dull your expensive tools.

Learn more about barbicide and get certified for free.

Click Here to Barbicide Certifications.