Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

Jovi Lash Artistry

Est 2019

Online Courses

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Foundation & Fundamentals 101


  • This online course is broken down into detailed steps, consisting of over 2 hours of full explanation videos.
  • We go through the fundamentals and troubleshooting of lashing, from:
    • Hair
    • Curls: Learn how to pull lash trays.
    • Lash Language 101: Learn to design from a distance.
    • Humidity: Learn to control and troubleshoot your work environment.
    • Dipping Zones: Learn how to dip for each lash type, lash texture, and lash humidity.
    • Taping 101: Learn how to tape different skin types.
    • Fanning: Learn different fanning techniques.
    • Washing lashes: Learn the importance of prepping.
    • Sanitation
    • Soak Off: Learn how to use remover.
    • Classic Set: Learn how to do a classic kitten design from start to finish.
    • Volume Set: Learn how to do a volume open eye design from start to finish.
  • By the time you are finished with this course, you are able to pull the correct lash trays for each individual and understand how to troubleshoot.

Refills on Younger Clientele


Continuation of Foundation & Fundamentals

  • This is a continuation course of the Foundation & Fundamentals.
  • In this course, we will learn:
    • How to refill the Classic Set.
      • How to scale back on an overdue refill.
    • How to refill the Volume Set.
      • How to change curls on refills.
    • How to pull the correct lash trays for a refill
    • Hygiene
    • Allergies
    • Catagen Stage
    • Anagen Stage
    • Telogen Stage
    • Measuring lash cycles

Foundation & Fundamentals 201


Continuation of Foundation 101

  • Lash Language 201: Learn to design from a distance
  • Lash Curls
  • Stress Points
  • Breaking Points
  • Strong Points
  • Balanced Points
  • Hair type
  • Layers of hair
  • Eye shapes (mono, hooded, almond, round, downturn, upturn)
  • Designs on face expressions, brow bone, and lids
  • Eye designs (open, doll, kitten)
  • 2 week clients vs. 3 week clients

How to Refill 30-40 Year Olds


Continuation of Refills

  • How to maximize your retention
  • Eye shapes & designs

  • 0.03 & 0.05 fans 

  • Lash designs

  • Working on 30-40 year olds

  • Skin types

  • How to lift/open and brighten eyes

  • Difference in cat eye and kitten eye

  • How to prep 201

  • Sensitivity

  • Lash language 201

How to Refill Mature Clients


Continuation of Refills

  • This is a continuation course of the Refills Course.
  • In this course, we will learn:
    • How to lash 50 plus
    • Prep Sensitivity 201
    • Lift, Open/Brighten 201
    • Uneven eyes
    • Hooded Eyes
    • Lash Language Continues
    • Skin elasticity
    • Hair texture change
    • Intro into creating texture

Lashing on Race & Skin Type


Must complete Online Course

    • Intro into texturing
    • Unique shapes
    • Hair
    • Skin 

Hands-on Training


Must complete Foundation & Fundamentals course

Hands-on Training is recommended to see and troubleshoot motor skills, fanning techniques, movements, work environment, placement, etc. It's great to learn how to make fans in person. 

  • You must complete the Foundation & Fundamental's course. You must practice and bring in homework.
    • Your homework must include:
      • Sponge work (fans)
      • Mannequin work (fans, taping, designs, etc.)
      • Questions on your troubleshooting
      • Pictures of your work, before and after
    • Non-licensed: Hands-on training will be on a mannequin.
    • Licensed: Hands-on training will be on a live model. 



Must complete Online Course

  • What is shadowing?
      • To watch and learn a professional salon setting.
  • Make an appointment for shadowing.
  • Show up on time by a scheduled appointment.
  • 45 minutes of shadowing only.
    • Interaction with clientele.
    • You will be shadowing an advanced master lash artist, so keep in mind, the work and techniques used are advanced. This means that what you see in-person will be completely different than what you see in the Foundation & Fundamentals course (which is basic).
    • You are only able to shadow the online course instructor. 
    • You can observe and take notes.